Private and Corporate Clients

Jenne’s clients include self-published and traditionally published authors, pastors, Christian ministries, editing services, publishers, and more.

“Jenne Acevedo was a true God-send in the completion of my new book, Stunned by Grace. She provided a very helpful critique and reorganization of the book to make it read more powerfully. I am indebted to her for taking what I believe was a good manuscript and making it great—at least in my own eyes. Jenne is at the top of my list for editors as I seek to complete other projects in the near future. Thank you, Jenne!”
—Frank Friedmann, pastor and author, Our Resolute Hope, Grace Life Fellowship

“I have worked with Jenne Acevedo on three book projects, and my experience has been fantastic. She is very thorough and pays attention to details from content to quoting references to book covers. She also has a solid foundation biblically that is very helpful in articulating important principles to make sure they are clear and understood. I can highly recommend her and know she will be a great asset to any writing team.”
—Craig Caster, pastor and author, Family Discipleship Ministries

“Jenne is a skilled copyeditor and proofreader, and her attention to detail is unsurpassed! Not only does she know the style guides, she understands how to apply style, which means her edits improve more than punctuation, grammar, and spelling—they also aid clarity and flow. She approaches each project with precision and confidence, and she’s a joy to work with. I highly recommend Jenne!”
—Dori Harrell, Managing Editor, Redemption Press

“You have good instincts and made great catches and queries. Thanks for your incredible work! We appreciate your partnership.”
—Publishing House Editor

Student Testimonials

“It exceeded my expectations! Jenne was responsive, helpful, and very wise. I learned a great deal from her! I enjoyed everything about this class. It was interesting, informative, eye-opening, challenging, and it taught me all of the important factors needed for excellent communication with a wide variety of clients. I’ve already applied these principles successfully, and I’m so glad I took this course!”
—LD, about Communicating with Clients

“The course was well written, and I’m a visual learner. It introduced me to proofreading, and I not only learned from the course, but it introduced me to a number of invaluable sources. I loved the encouragement. Jenne was very kind, and I found her comments enlightening. I appreciated that this course was clear enough for beginners but complete enough for those editors who had experience and were trying to brush up on their skills.”
—SKJ, about Proofreading 101

“I can’t tell you how often I use something Jenne taught. I’m doing a better job because she allowed God to use her talents.”
—KJ, about Proofreading 101

“All the lessons were explained clearly. The assignments were just the right amount—hard enough to make me think and study, and hard enough to expand my knowledge and understanding. I liked Jenne’s kindness, patience, and quick responses, and her comments on the homework assignments too.”
—JF, about Proofreading 101

“Jenne was a fantastic instructor. Her expertise was evident throughout the class. She has the heart of a teacher and took the time to answer all of my questions. She was encouraging, knowledgeable, and individualized her comments. I feel as if I have improved significantly as an editor just in the past four weeks! I would highly recommend taking one of Jenne’s classes if you feel like you are not making progress in your career or if you just need to brush up on your skills. I plan to take advantage of Jenne’s mentoring services because I want to continue to gain more experience in copyediting and proofreading with someone I admire and trust.”
—VH, about Nonfiction Copyediting and Proofreading Boot Camp

“Jenne was a good instructor. She gave honest feedback, with both encouraging words and instructional suggestions for improvement. Great overall class.”
—DP, about Nonfiction Copyediting and Proofreading Boot Camp